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Mira Event XS Thermostatic (Event XS)

Manufacturer: Mira

Product Code: Mira Event XS

Product Type: Power Showers

Categories: mira power showers, power showers

All available shower spares/replacement parts to fit the Mira Event XS Thermostatic (Event XS).

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Image Ref Code Product   Price Qty  
  - 147.67 Mira check valve assembly Info £17.00 Add to Basket
- 453.01 Mira thermostatic cartridge assembly Info £129.70 Add to Basket
A 453.03 Mira pump motor assembly Info £95.75 Add to Basket
- 453.05 Mira Event XS Thermostatic front cover assembly Info £22.55 Add to Basket
B 453.07 Mira inlet manifold assembly Info £36.55 Add to Basket
- 453.08 Mira power PCB assembly Info £42.85 Add to Basket
C 453.10 Mira thermostatic harness assembly Info £45.35 Add to Basket
D 453.13 Mira solenoid valve assembly Info £36.55 Add to Basket
- 453.14 Mira filter/cap assembly Info £8.80 Add to Basket
E 453.15 Mira seal pack Info £8.80 Add to Basket
- 453.16 Mira Event XS Thermostatic temperature control knob assembly Info £10.10 Add to Basket
I 453.22 Mira component pack Info £8.80 Add to Basket
  F 453.23 Mira mixer valve body assembly Info £10.85 Add to Basket
G 453.24 Mira inserts/rubber feet pack Info £8.80 Add to Basket
  H 453.26 Mira damping vessel Info Replaced (click to view)
  - 453.27 Mira temperature override stop Info £8.80 Add to Basket
H 453.28 Mira outlet elbow pipe/damping vessel Info £8.80 Add to Basket
- 450.06 Mira Logic 22mm shower head holder - white (use with Mira Event XS only) Info £14.60 Add to Basket
- 450.01 Mira Logic shower hose 1.25m - Chrome Info £30.25 Add to Basket
- 450.02 Mira Logic shower hose 1.25m - White Info £30.25 Add to Basket
- 450.04 Mira Logic power shower head handset - White Info £35.30 Add to Basket

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Having a problem with my event xs thermostatic. The pump doesn't spin. I can turn it with a screwdriver but it's stiff. After that it will pump for a few seconds then lock up again and the water just trickles out. There is depth left of the brushes and you can see them arching to the motor but it won't spin. Do I need a new motor? Or are there other things to check first

Hello, yes it sounds like the motor is worn out.

My Mira Event XS Thermostatic has cut out mid shower. The shower fuse has not blown - any suggestions as to where to start investigating?
Many thanks

Hello, do you mean the flow has stopped or that the pump has stopped but water is still flowing slowly, if the flow has totally stopped, you need a new solenoid valve 453.13.
if the flow is still there but the pump has stopped you most probably need a new pump 453.03

Hi there,
My Mira XS thermostatic has stopped working. The on/ off switch does my not stay on although the shower runs if I keep my finger on the on/off switch. I suspect a faulty on/off switch and I think that means a new Harness Assembly.
What do you think, I've had the shower since 2009 and had no problems. Is fitting a Harness Assembly a job for an electrician or can it be done diy?

The harness item 453.10 will be the correct item it has a clip on push connector reasonably strait forward to fit or contact a qualified electrician.

Kind Regards

had a power surge now my shower unit runs but the water just trickles out.

Hello, it sounds like the pump has stopped working, the PCB has probably been damaged.

most common for no hot water on event xs themostatic

If the flow is still the same, then it will require a new temp cartridge.
If the flow has also reduced, you need to find out why, it may be an air lock or a blocked inlet filter.

I need to replace a mira event xs hose and Showerhead _ do you supply these please? Thank you Sarah

Hello, please use this link to the Logic fittings

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