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Hi, we have a Mira ppt 3 shower pump which is leaking from the bottom of the pump on the left hand side where you can take the side off. The leak is considerable but only when the shower is on. Please could you tell what spare we may need to buy in order to fix this.

Hello, the part you require is not a spare, so the whole pump will require replacing


the link above will take you to suitable reaplcements

Hello I have a Mira ppt3 shower pump and there is very little pressure and it seems to pulse a lot . Lots of pressure then half pressure. Can you help please It doesn't seem like there is a mains pressure problem

Hello, this sounds like starvation, a possible air lock? in the hot supply.

Hello, my Mira ppt3 is very noisy when running as if the bearings are worn, could this be the case? Thank you.

Hello, it is either worn bearings or air in the system, if it is the bearings you will need a new pump, we would recommend the Stuart turner 1.8bar Showermate as it should be a straight swap, the ppt-3 is no longer.


I have a Mira PPT3 pump. It has just started to play up. Once the shower is turned off, the pump goes off, on, off, on and won't stop that routine unless I switch the power off, leave it for a few moments and then switch the power on. As soon as the shower is used again, it goes back to this routine. Any ideas please?

Hello, this is probably air in the pipework, causing the float in the pump to bounce up and down, you need to get rid of the air and check the float (in the outlet of the pump) to make sure it is free to float up and down, there is one on either outlet of the pump.

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