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Product Type: Electric Showers

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Hello - my shower was working fine and now will not produce any hot water and the reset light is permanently on - any suggestions? many thanks

Hello, the reset light is connected to the thermal switch, so I think the thermal switch will need to be replaced. part number SG06004

Our Neptune Exotic Shower suddenly stopped working in the middle of a shower. The electric supply appears to be OK and the water pressure is good.

Do you have any suggestions to trace the fault and rectify it.

Many thanks.

Hello, it sounds like the culprit is the solenoid valve, you could get an electircian to test it, but I am sure it will need replacing.

hi, the water coming out of my neptune exotic 9.5kw electric shower is 'cool'; it's never been very hot but it certainly used to be a lot hotter than this. Flow rates are still the same. Do you think the heater element (assembly) is going? If yes, is it easy enough to change. Many thanks

Hello, can you get heat on both settings? if you can, you need to turn the temperature dial up a bit, the flow should go down but the temp should also go up a bit, ie slower flow equals higher temperature, I hope this helps, if not please ring 0845 126 4141

Hi, the electric shower unit (Neptune Exotic 9.5kW) is bursting out with hot water and I am unable to adjust the temperature at all. The shower unit is new since July 2012, please could advise how to fix the problem, many thanks.

Hello, please check the shower head for blockage, the slower the water flows the hotter it gets, somewhere the flow is being restricted.

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