Mira Sport (2006-2012) (Sport)

Product Code: Mira Sport

Product Type: Electric Showers

Mira Sport (2006-2012) (Sport) spares/replacement parts.

All available spare parts to fit the Mira Sport (2006-2012) (Sport).

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  Ref Code Product Price Qty  
- 405.58 Mira inlet connector assembly     Discontinued
- 406.27 Mira inlet filter assembly     Discontinued
- 416.38 Mira inlet clamp bracket assembly £8.77 Add to Basket
- 416.41 Mira thermal switch assembly £12.38 Add to Basket
- 416.48 Mira latching switch assembly £8.77 Add to Basket
- 416.51 Mira solenoid coil assembly £13.45 Add to Basket
- 872.01 Mira microswitch assembly £8.77 Add to Basket
- 872.28 Mira 3-pin microswitch £8.77 Add to Basket
- 1563.500 Mira heater tank assembly - 7.5kW £81.81 Add to Basket
- 1563.502 Mira heater tank assembly - 9.0kW £82.97 Add to Basket
- 1563.504 Mira heater tank assembly - 9.8kW £82.97 Add to Basket
- 1563.507 Mira flow valve assembly £35.06 Add to Basket
- 1563.509 Mira switching assembly £15.08 Add to Basket
- 1563.511 Mira Sport front cover assembly - White £21.86 Add to Basket
A 1563.513 Mira screw pack £8.77 Add to Basket
- 1563.514 Mira low flow neon assembly £8.77 Add to Basket
  - 1563.515 Mira power neon assembly £8.77 Add to Basket
- 1563.516 Mira outlet connector assembly £8.77 Add to Basket
- 1563.517 Mira service tunnel and insert £8.77 Add to Basket
  B 1563.518 Mira component pack - White £8.77 Add to Basket
- 1563.519 Mira terminal block assembly £10.41 Add to Basket
  - 1563.520 Mira wire pack £8.77 Add to Basket
  - 1563.522 Mira cover seal £8.77 Add to Basket
  - 1695.017 Mira Sport front cover assembly - Chrome £75.96 Add to Basket
  - 1695.018 Mira service tunnel and insert - Chrome £36.23 Add to Basket
B 1695.019 Mira component pack - Chrome £9.94 Add to Basket

No complete replacement units found.

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I bought a Mira sport electric shower in February 2006, should I buy parts for the one up to 2005 or parts for 2006 onwards?

I was using the shower and the water flow dropped slightly and the water went cold, will it be the heater tank?


Hello, you need to check the shape of the push button on the cover, an oval symmetrical button is the older version, a tapered button is the newer one, but I am not sure what is wrong with your shower, a guess would probably be a faulty flow valve.

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