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About National Shower Spares

Founded in 1999, National Shower Spares has grown rapidly and is now the UK's leading supplier of shower spares and spare parts.

From more than 200 companies in our business sector, and over 16,800 customer reviews of our service, National Shower Spares is ranked Number 1.

You need it? We've got it.

We have over 10,000 parts from
every major shower manufacturer
in stock and ready for same day despatch.

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Need any help?

Maybe you're not sure exactly what you need or where to find it?
Lots of our customers need a little help or expert guidance.

We're not just here to help, we are able to help.

Customer Support

Award-Winning Service

We realise that our customers don't think about shower spares every day — but we do, so tell us what you're looking for. You can even e-mail us a photo of your shower or a faulty part and we'll do the rest.

Our award-winning customer service team have many years' experience in the shower spares industry and are used to helping customers from around the world. You'll find you're in good hands with us.

Value for money.

The best products and service at competitive prices
means that our customers get...

unbeatable value

Kevin Aherne, Founder & Managing Director

National Shower Spares

Our customers tell us that the unique combination of immediate availability of parts, our expert knowledge and advice, competitive pricing, a 30 day money-back guarantee and same day despatch mean that we offer unbeatable value.

That's why they voted National Shower Spares the UK's Number 1.