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Galaxy/MX Inspiration LX (Inspiration LX)

Manufacturer: MX

Product Code: MX Inspiration LX

Product Type: Electric Showers

Categories: mx electric showers, electric showers

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I have an MX INSPIATION LX and wondered what the voltage (KW) it is.

Hello, we believe this was a 9.5kw (9500watt)

I have an old MX Inspiration 9.5 electric shower, purchased in 1997. Still working well, but the plastic part which locates the shower head has snapped. It seems current MX showers have a 22mm diameter riser rail, but my old shower is only 18mm, so current spares won't fit.
Is it still possible to source a replacement part to fit on a 18mm diameter riser rail?
Many thanks for your help, look forward to hearing from you.

Hello, the original is obsolete, but part number 900402 will be an ideal replacement.

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