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Newteam 1000 Plus Thermosatic (1000 Plus)

Manufacturer: NewTeam

Product Code: NewTeam 1000 Plus

Product Type: Power Showers

Categories: newteam power showers, power showers

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Is it possible to get item 12 on the breakdown list? It is "plunger" stem with a solid "tap washer" attached to the end of it. As the control is turned off, the stem is pushed in which in turn closes off the cold water flow. The hot water is already turned off through the central brass actuator. When the control is turned on, a compressed spring pushes the "washer" out and allows the cold water to flow. The back of the control knob has a sloped shoulder at the rear which pushes against the stem when being turned to the off position and closing the water outlet. Likewise, on being turned on, the stem and washer move outwards - assisted by compressed spring...

Unfortunately this part is no longer available, and hasn't been available for many years. We are therefore unable to assist you on this occasion.

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