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Salamander HomeBoost Mains Booster Water Pump (HomeBoost) Spare Parts

All available replacement spare parts to fit the Salamander HomeBoost Mains Booster Water Pump (HomeBoost).

Use the main diagram to identify the spare part(s) you need to replace. Then use the table below to locate your relevant part(s).

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  • There is 1 currently available spare for the Salamander HomeBoost Mains Booster Water Pump (HomeBoost).

    These are sorted by diagram reference first (if available) and then by product code in numerical / alphabetical order:

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    • The pressure to my house is very low which affects my shower pressure . The pressure is between 0.6 and 0.8 . Would this pump being fitted rectify that and get my shower to consistently work ? Especially at peak time ?

      Hi Samantha
      This will boost your mains water pressure. It will automatically adjust to the incoming water pressure and flow level, increasing your water supply up to 12 litres per minute and boost your pressure up to 1.5 bar which will help at peak times.


    • Can you install the salamander pump in a mains water system with a hot water megaflo unit?

      Hi, this is designed to boost the whole main into the house, if you have a specific use for it, please talk to Salamander 0191 516 2002

    • Can i use the Home Boost for an electric shower fed via a water tank

      Hello, it will boost the mains to around 1.5bar, so is ideal from electric showers

    • Hi, how Can you please inform me of the fittings required to connect the home boost pump to the mains

      Hello, please copy the link below into a browser and it will take you to the full fittings instructions, the inlet/outlets are 3/4"
      We have also added a link on our webpage

    • Can I buy a pump to boost the mains water pressure

      Hello, the best pump to buy to boost mains water pressure is the Salamander Homeboost, you simply fit it after the incoming mains stopcock and it automaticallly senses when to boost the pressure.

    • My Electric shower stops working in the morning due to low mains water pressure, will the Salamander Homeboost stop this happening.

      Hello, yes the salamander homeboost will kick in when the water pressure drops, it will automatically maintain enough water pressure and flow to keep any electric shower working