Mira Excel Thermostatic Cartridge Assembly (903.33)

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  • Product Description:

    Mira 903.33 Excel thermostatic cartridge assembly.

    Also known as a Mira Select MK1 thermostatic cartridge assembly.

    Suitable for high and low pressure installations. Please note that from December 2023 the adjustment key is no longer included included. This is available under Mira part number - 410.69 if required.

    This 903.33 model replaces the earlier versions of 903.27 (low pressure, yellow hub) and 903.28 (high pressure, green hub), which are both now discontinued.

    Please note - the body colour of the cartridge is now beige, not black as per some of the photos, due to a design change in early 2019.

    This product is for shower models made prior to 2003. For Mira Excel models after 2003, please see the Mira 451.71 thermostatic cartridge assembly instead.

    The Mira Excel Thermostatic Cartridge Assembly (903.33) is a genuine, brand new Mira product, covered by a minimum 1 year Mira manufacturer's guarantee.

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  • A selection of the latest reviews for the Mira Excel Thermostatic Cartridge Assembly (903.33) can be read below:

    • Excellent service from National Shower Service, I received my part in two days and had to wait for the plumber to fit it. All up and running again with full range of temperature controls

      Geoff Jones

    • We bought this shower unit in 2001 and it has been in continuous use since then, it has only needed the odd washer replacing and it has given superb service ever since.
      The Thermostatic Cartridge needed replacing and the experts at Mira were very helpful and recommended yourselves as a probable stockist. The part was ordered and a very kind skilled neighbour fitted it with very little effort as the instructions were so clear.
      A well manufactured system which is a credit to you all.

      Lorna Mountain

    • Easy replacement, turn off water remove cover shroud and trim /knob; remove 4 screws, grease seals (grease supplied) and replace screws etc. Pleased to see item is available (original shower was fitted over 20 years ago)

      Thomas Forbes

    • Very quick delivery and the cartridge is a perfect replacement for the old one! Thank you for helping me get this 27 year old shower back in working order!

      Tim Read

    • Easy to swap & use. Works well!

      Andrew Whitehead

    • Good quality product and easy to fit.

      Greg Sutton

    • Spot on, good communication, & advice.. product did what it said on the tin..

      Cyril Lipsett

    • excellent product , the first one didn't work but it was changed no quibble great service always.

      Tim Hanman

    • This was a straight replacement for a20 year old valve. The old one was a bit difficult to remove due to limescale build-up. The new one slotted straight in. (Make sure the cold supply is on the correct side and the high low pressure is adjusted) works fine and no leaks.

      Stephen Lowe

    • Works fine and easy to fit.

      Alison McCarthy

    • Needed to replace existing cartridge and it works perfectly. Limited instructions on how to reset the temperature gauge but found appropriate videos elsewhere. Quick delivery and would order again from National Shower Spares.

      Colin Crosbie

    • perfect replacement: my shower is as new again:)

      Mark Williams

    • Excellent part and excellent delivery and on time really good service will be using again

      Stuart Michie

    • Really quick delivery, excellent product, no problems fitting. Second time used NSS and would not hesitate to do so again. Very pleased.

      Eddie Haydock

    • Ordered to repair our MIRA SHOWER which has been in situ for many years.
      Shower is now working well thanks to your replacement cartridge.
      The ordered part came very quickly with no hold ups .
      The ordering system was straightforward and speedy
      Thank you for your excellent service.

      Barbara Isaac

    • The initial cartridge was faulty, but fortunately after one call, it was replaced within two days. Superb service carried out by a team led by Lee. Best regards to the company.

      Charles Smith

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    • i am going to replace my old low pressure Mira cartridge after boiler upgrade does the Mira Excel/Select Thermostatic Cartridge Assembly 903.33 have Non-return valves integral to cartridge or will i have to fit check valves externally.
      thank you in advance if you can help
      best regards John

      Hello, the Excel does not have non return valves or need them, as the flow control is on the inlet side, therefore crossflow is not possible.

    • We have a Mira excel mixer shower probably 20 plus years old. Over the last few years the shower pressure seems to have diminished slightly, have fitted new head and hose recently with no improvement to pressure. The hot and cold control is fine, would just like to improve the pressure slightly any suggestions ?
      Still gives a decent shower but we do not think it is as good as it used to be when first fitted, water supply and pressure is fine just wondered if it was due to age of the unit.

      Hello, it sounds like the inlet filters on the side of the 903.33 cartridge are getting a bit blocked up, remove the cartridge and flush the filters out.

    • Hello. My Mira Excell approx 2005 is "screaming". Do I need a new cartridge and is this the correct one?

      Hello, it will be worth checking the inlet filters first, as screaming is usually a sign of an imbalance between the hot and cold flow into the shower.

    • I cannot move the control from low to high pressure, the plate appears to be locked in position.

      Hello, the base plate can be VERY stiff, but brute force usually works, if you really can not move it, please return it and we will do it for you.

    • I have a mira exel shower but am unsure of the age and type- it has 410.0c3 43/99 and Excel BIV written on a sticker - what type of cartridge would I replace the old one with ?

      Hello, an Excel of this age would need the 903.33 cartridge

    • Our Mira excel shower continually drips hot water. Do we need to replace the complete thermostatic cartridge?

      Hello, yes if the shower drips, it will require a new cartridge.

    • Hello
      I have a Mira shower that was installed in 1999 and I am looking to get a new cartridge for it, the original cartridge has the legend:
      410.01 25/99
      Excel EV WH/CHR

      Yes, the 903.33 is the correct cartridge for your shower.

    • I have an old Mira excel Thermostatic Control shower unit. Recently I noticed the water is cold and I cannot seem to up the temperature. Can you pls advise. If I were to buy the replacement parts can I change it myself.
      Thank you.

      Yes, it sounds like the thermostatic cartridge needs replacing. This is quite easily done. There are two types of cartridges so if you have the older type this one 903.33 should be suitable.

    • I managed to lose one of the screws while changing the Mira Excel cartridge (I forgot to put the plug in the plughole!). Is it possible to get a spare screws?
      Thank you.

      Hello, they are part of part number 937.14

    • Does the Mira Excel thermostatic cartridge assembly (903.33) come will all the seals needed or do these have to be purchased separately?

      Hello, it comes with all the necessary seals

    • The cartridge on my shower has died (stiff & clicks & no water). Is the kit complete or do I also need to get seals, etc? Does it contain all the control knobs? The pic only shows the temperature limit ring. If not can I get them? Can I also get replacement chrome bezel and the plastic base it clips on to? If I have to replace the expensive bit I might as well freshen up the whole thing! Thanks.

      the part 903.33 is the internal cartridge for the shower and there are various different styles of control knobs/plates available. If you could forward a picture of your shower to support@showerspares.com they will be able to identify the one you have and send a link to the relevant site

    • Hi. There is no cold water going into the shower. Took cartridge out and filters ok, put back in and all ok. Few hours later same problem, took out again put back in working then not working later, weird. Do I need a new cartridge, don't understand the intermittent working and not working.

      Hello, this sounds like you may have a partial air lock in the supply, ea time you remove the cartridge you are clearing it, but then it returns, you need to get a plumber in to fully flush the supply.

    • My Mira excel shower was fitted around 16 years ago. The knob has been stiff to turn for a while and yesterday it clicked loudly and spence then no cold water has come out at all. Is this the cartridge? Don't want to spend all this kiney if not! Many thanks

      Hello, yes the stat has gone, it will need a new cartridge

    • Hello
      Are the two seals for the back face of the Mira Excell 903.33 cartridge available separately?

      Hello, they are in the seal pack, part number 935.12 (the oval ones)

    • The outer ring turns and clicks when I turn on the shower. Some times it works and others it doesn't.
      I've taken the white plastic covers off and tried to turn the black gear ring manually but again this is intermittent.
      Is the cartridge unit on its way out?
      Also, do you have to isolate the hot/cold water supply on the shower before replacing the cartridge?

      Hello, yes you do have to isolate the water, it does sound like the cartridge if faulty.

    • Hi I have a Mira Excel shower installed in approx. 2000
      The temperature and flow rate have become a bit variable so I am guessing that a new cartridge is what is required.
      Can this be replaced from the front of the unit, ie the shower side or do I need to gain access to the back (which is currently sealed in!!)
      Thanks Steve

      Hello, everything is accessed from the front, you need to check the filters, first, if they are o.k, you will need a new cartridge.

    • Hi Ive got a MIRA shower and before I buy a new catridge I wonder if you can help me understand if I really need one? The shower gets to the right temperature only if I have the outside slider all the way to the left in the red. Can I adjust this internally to make it more balanced or not??

      Hi your shower is set up in a normal way, you can however reset the point at which you get the hottest water, but this could allow other users to select a temp that would be too hot for them, but it is up to you how you set the maximum temperature

    • My Mira Excel won't stop running!

      Hello, you will need to replace the Excel thermostatic cartridge, Mira part number 903.33, a seal kit alone will not cure this fault, the shut off seals are internal to the cartridge and not serviceable.

    • My Mira Excel won't get hot. I've tested both hot and cold water pressure.

      Hello, Please check the inlet filters on the 903.33 cartridge, if they are clear then you will need to replace the cartridge 903.33.

    • How do I stop my old Excel from dripping from the shower head?

      Hello, you will need to replace the Mira 903.33 cartridge to fix a dripping excel

    • Will this fit my old excel that has a Green hub on the front?

      Hello, yes this cartridge is adjustable and will suit both the Green hub version High pressure 903.28 and the Yellow hub version Low pressure 903.27.