Grohe 47450 thermostatic 1/2" cartridge assembly (47450000)

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  • Product Description:

    Grohe 47450 thermostatic 1/2" cartridge assembly.

    Cartridge Length: 86.7mm
    Diameter at widest point: 31.8mm

    The Grohe 47450 thermostatic 1/2" cartridge assembly (47450000) is a genuine, brand new Grohe product, covered by a minimum 1 year Grohe manufacturer's guarantee.

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    Product Specifications:

    • Brand Grohe
    • Name Grohe 47450 thermostatic 1/2" cartridge assembly (47450000)
    • SKU / MPN Grohe 47450000
    • GTIN / EAN 4005176076190
    • Categories Grohe Shower Cartridges
      Shower Cartridges
    • Colour Brass
    • Fitment Screw In
    • Size 1/2"
    • Type Temperature
    • Availability In Stock
    • Despatch Same Day Despatch
    • Condition Brand New
    • Returns 30 day money-back guarantee
    • Manufacturer Guarantee Yes
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  • A selection of the latest reviews for the Grohe 47450 thermostatic 1/2" cartridge assembly (47450000) can be read below:

    • first class service

      Michael Saunders

    • Identified product we needed and posted super quick. Shower fixed!

      J Ogilvie

    • Prompt service

      Adrian Kelly

    • Excellent service and price

      Carol Graham

    • Came quickly and fitted

      Simon Nash

    • Just the replacement item I needed. Despatched quickly and came with a sachet of grease.

      David Boyd

    • Excellent - all delivered promptly and good value.


    • Just the part we needed. Great service & quick delivery.
      Marked one star down as the part very sharp & I cut myself. There should be a warning!

      Louise SH

    • My Grohe 'Sentosa' shower is discontinued and I was advised by the very helpful team in customer care that this replacement would fit. It did and was installed by my plumber with ease. Delighted.

      Kate Khanna

    • Quality product, great comms and quick delivery

      Alan Wild

    • Item arrived the day after order. It was brand new in original sealed OEM package, complete with integral seals/o-rings and a sachet of grease. Just needed standard hand tools to fit, however the old valve was a little seized into the shower body, so needed a deep box-socket to remove. New valve works great.

      Stephen Banton

    • Very prompt delivery and very easy to fit. The shower now works perfectly.

      Warren Hurst

    • exellent service came in good time and done the job. thanks đź‘Ť

      Billy Clinton

    • First class quality, original manufacturer’s product. Complete with the O rings and silicone grease. This was bought to replace a nearly twenty five years old existing unit that no longer worked properly. Removal of the old cartridge and fitting of the new one caused no problems at all, it was easy to do. For reference, the existing shower unit is Grohtherm 1000 model 19656.

      Harry Robertson

    • Original Grohe part - nice to have temperature control of our shower back. Bit of a struggle to remove the old cartridge, which had been in there for over 15 years before failing - had to file flats onto the end helix and get a stilson on it.

      Keith Thomas

    • plumber installed very easily and works a treat .

      Alistair Budd

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    • I have a grotherm 1000 34624. it has suddenly started only running cold and not at all if the hot is fully on. Would this be a problem with the thermostatic valve ( 47450 )?

      Hello, you need to check the inlets for blockage first, then if you do not find any blockage, you can replace the 47450, but no flow at all, would suggest a blocked inlet/non return valve.

    • is it possible that a new replacement cartridge is faulty, only we have had two new ones and it has not solved the problem. We have just
      had our boiler checked and every thing is running perfect, also cleaned filters and replaced valve in shower it is mixer shower over a bath we have very hot water in the bath tap, but only warmish water at the shower, we have tried every thing running out of ideas hope you can help.

      Hello, are you re-calibrating the temperature after fitting the new cartridge?, by adjusting the black hub?

    • Hi
      I have a megaflo system and sometimes my hot tap in the kitchen runs cold. I have checked everything possible, but, could it be a faulty thermostatic valve in my Grohe Automatic 2000 shower. Its about 15yrs old, and now just needs VERY small adjustments to change temperature.
      Many thanks

      Hello, it sounds like you may be getting cross-flow through the shower, which means the non return valves are stuck open, they can be removed, cleaned and replaced,they are either side of the temp cartridge 47450.

    • My Grohe Automatic 2000 34310 doe not turn of the water without a lot of force on the knob. What might solve this please?
      Rgds Ray

      Hello if your on/off valve is screw-down, ie it turns more than 1/2 a turn, then you need part number 06905

    • The diverter in my up to now excellent Grohe bath shower mixer, which has a shower symbol on the top, is only diverting approximately 50% of the water to the shower. Is it something that can be fixed without buying a new shower mixer? Is the necessary part(s) still available? I can attach photos to identify model no. It is definitely Grohe, and approx 16 years old.

      Hello, please can you send a photo so we can be sure of getting the right parts first time.

    • Hi,
      I am looking for shower catridge Grohe 1/2" Thermostatic Shower Cartridge - 47450 000. I don't know the number of control catridge for controling water.Can you please find out the other catridge for me and let me know the price of complete set.

      Hello, this cartridge is used in many other showers, we need to know which shower you have. Can you e-mail a photo to us

    • We have recently had fluctuating temperatures on two Grohe showers installed about 9/10 years ago. Plumber inspected them today and confirmed that we need new cartridges........... but we can't find the exact code numbers or details of the shower control units and I long ago mislaid the paperwork. Might you be able to identify if I sent photos?

      Hello, yes, please send us a photo of the trimset and if poss of the cartridge.

    • I have a Grohtherm 3000 about 10 years old now but recently it has been fluctuating water temperature whilst in the shower. I replaced the thermo cartridge but no improvement. I am still experiencing fluctuations in water temperature, not massive but enough to make it uncomfortable while in the shower. Can you suggest any other corrective action please or replacement of existing part ?

      Hello, is the shower on a combi boiler?, if it is it may be the boiler 'cycling' a blocked shower head can cause this or partially blocked inlet filters. we hope this helps

    • My Grohe 47450 came with a small sachet of what looks like silcon or grease. what is this for?

      Hello, please smear the grease on the O rings and any threads.

    • Our Grohetherm 3000 - 19663 recessed bathmixer will only produce luke warm water. The sink tap next to the bath has hot water. Is the thermostatic valve inside broken?

      Hello, yes the thermostatic cartridge will need to be replaced

    • Hi,
      We have a Grohe Sentosa oval shaped shower which is concealed behind the tiles so we can't get at the product code. Is the Grohe 47450 the right valve as the shower is permanently far too hot even when the dial is turned to the cold setting.

      Hello, if it is just a shower (not a bath/shower) then yes, the 47450 is the correct part

    • My Grohe Automatic 2000 Shower valve has become unstable controlling the temperature will 47450 fix it? The valve is more than 10 years old!

      Hello, if the shower is running very hot or stuck on just one temperature, then the 47450 will cure the fault, if however the shower is cycling hot-cold-hot, then you may have a problem with the hot water supply, is it on a combi? are the inlet filters blocked? is the shower head a bit blocked up?, both of these can cause a combi to cycle.

    • Hi, my Grohe Thermostatic shower valve has faulty temperature control, it will only run very hot, will the 47450 cure such a fault??

      Yes, the Grohe 47450 temperature cartridge will fix this fault