Mira thermal switch assembly (416.41)

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  • Product Description:

    Mira thermal switch assembly, or thermal cut-out (TCO).

    Product code also known as Mira 1.416.41.4.0.

    Note: Please check that this TCO fits the version of the shower that you have, as there are different versions of the Sport/Jump/Sprint. Please view compatible models by clicking 'this product fits' or see our article on identifying showers and parts for more help.

    The Mira thermal switch assembly (416.41) is a genuine, brand new Mira product, covered by a minimum 1 year Mira manufacturer's guarantee.

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  • A selection of the latest reviews for the Mira thermal switch assembly (416.41) can be read below:

    • This switch is an exact replacement for the faulty item. It was a bit tricky to fit because of the limited amount of space in the shower housing.

      Robert Archibald

    • Arrived quickly and was the right one.
      All good

      Michael Grieve

    • excellent product and quick delivery

      Keith Yarroll

    • Correct original part delivered undamaged and on time at a good price. Can't get better than that really.

      Andrew Grimshaw

    • Have used these before, albeit several years ago. Says something about quality. Definitely reliable and genuine spare. Also delivered promptly and packaged well. Oh and at a very competitive price. Thanks

      Stephen Jackson

    • you need to make sure it's right one for your shower!

      C Wood

    • Part came with instructions as per fitting instructions easy to do

      Janine Wilson

    • Whilst replacing a 17yr-old heater tank in a Mira Sport 9kw shower, I also fitted a new thermal switch assembly since the old one may well be the next thing to go! As a combined job, it took maybe an extra 2 minutes to do, but even if it was the only thing needed, it would only take maybe 15-20 minutes from removing the front cover to having it all back working. There are no specific instructions - just swap out the old one (couple of screws and wires to deal with, nothing taxing) - but there is a warning on the packaging seal to not squeeze the item as that may damage it.

      Ian Thompson

    • Does what it says on the tin!

      Andrew Bradley

    • This is the part I ordered and it worked correctly and fixed the problem, my shower is now working again. Delivery was faster than advertised, this was appreciated and good service. The only downside is this is the second one I have bought, the first being a coupe of years ago, so don't know if it is something wrong with the component giving a short life of about 2 years or something to do with the shower itself. Thank you for the prompt service.

      Mark McNulty

    • Great product, exact replacement for original

      Paul Bowers

    • Usual Mira quality product.

      Kevin Whitford

    • Mo problems every thing went to plan.
      Shower now working well.

      Frederick Osborne

    • Went online to see that the most common problem of overheat was this TCO failing. I took the plunge, paid £16 and replaced it. It took a small screwdriver and a matching torx bit. I took a photo before hand so that I could check. It was 4 connections that required unscrewing, the new part went in and then 4 connections re-connecting and everything worked perfectly.

      David Dobson

    • Appears to have done the job - easy to fit

      Robert Young

    • Excellent advice and very easy to fit. Will definitely recommend and usep this company again

      Angela Davidson

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    • My Mira sport shuts down after running for more than 3 mins
      if I leave if for a while it will run again but only for approx. 3 mins
      what do you think it is

      Hello, it is most likely to be the solenoid coil breaking down. part 416.51

    • My sport 10.8kw is having problems controlling the heat with only hot water seemingly available even when the temp button is turned all the way to cold. What do I need to replace?

      Hello, have you checked the shower head, if some of the holes are blocked up it will slow the flow down and cause it to produce hot water only.

    • Hello
      I have a mira sport approx 2010 model.
      only runs cold I have removed the thermal switch and appears slightly corroded as does top of water tank.
      thermal switch reads 0 on restistance test when off shower but reads 1 when wired in situ.

      Hello, it is the thermal switch, a zero reading would indicate an open circuit.

    • My essentials 8.5, runs for so long and then stops, n water at all. Not sure what the problem is but I was wondering if it could be due to the cut off switch; my cut off switch model number s 60TF114, is this the correct part?
      thanks for your help

      Hello, it is not the thermal switch, we need to know which essentials you have, there are several models/era's, it will be the pilot or solenoid valve

    • Hi My Mira sprint runs permanently cold is there any test I can do to determine which part has failed

      Hello, it is either the thermal switch or the pressure switch, test the thermal switch for continuity, if the switch is option circuit replace it, if it is not, it will be the pressure switch (flow valve)

    • Sport electric shower showing Overheat and not getting hot, what do I do?

      The over heat light is on beacuse the thermal cut out has failed, replace the 416.41 and all will be well again

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