Boost the Water Pressure and Flow in your Home with Salamander Pumps

Do you suffer from low water pressure or flow? The MainsBooster range from Salamander Pumps features products designed to improve water across the entire home or a single outlet.


Recent research found that 48% of people did not know that it was possible to improve water pressure in the home. In fact, there is a range effective and affordable solutions that can transform your water pressure and flow.

While UK water regulations allow for water flow of up to 12L/min to be pumped directly from the mains, many households are receiving much less than this and do not realise they have plenty of capacity to improve their water performance.

For homes suffering with a host of water issues – weak shower performance, dribbling taps – HomeBoost by Salamander Pumps could be the ideal solution. Part of the MainsBooster range, HomeBoost is an intelligent inline mains booster pump that will increase the incoming mains water supply up to 12 L/min.

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Designed to be fitted directly onto the home’s incoming mains, HomeBoost recognises when flow is low and quietly begins to boost the water to the whole house via the combi boiler. Delivering improved shower performance, a quicker bath fill and stronger flowing taps. Independently tested, it’s also one of the quietest pumps on the market at just 46dBA.

The innovative pump will indicate when pump is boosting the water flow and when it is in standby mode, giving you the assurance that it is only operating when needed.

If low water flow is limited to one outlet, TapBoost from Salamander Pumps offers a solution. This is an easy to install pump that will improve the water flow of a single outlet to between 7 and 11 L/min, depending on incoming flow.

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With a compact design, TapBoost can be installed in small spaces, to either hot or cold outlets, making for a quick and easy solution to one troublesome water outlet.

You can see the entire Salamander range of products here.

Please contact us if you need any help choosing the pump for your requirements. 

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