How To: Fit a universal shower head holder

Shower head holders come in various shapes, sizes and designs. For a stress-free option, we show how to fit a universal shower head holder onto a slide rail.

How To

With styles and designs of shower head holders (also known as handset holders or clamp brackets) varying greatly, sometimes it can be difficult to replace them.

Unless you are replacing your current/old shower head holder with the same model, another option to help make life easier is to fit a universal shower head holder. These are specially designed to fit perfectly over different diameter slide rails, instead of a fixed size.

For example, the Croydex universal shower head holders are suitable for rails with diameters between 18mm - 25mm (see below). They are available in white or chrome variations, and are extremely popular due to their ease of use, durable material and simple push-on design.

Our video below demonstrates fitting a chrome universal shower head holder. (Please note that we don't demonstrate how to remove the old shower head holder here, as each design is unique to detach. We do, however, have a separate article on shower head holder replacements.)

As shown above, it is much simpler to slide the holder behind the rail facing backward before tightening. It can then be swivelled around to face frontwards and adjusted up/down the rail to suit as desired.

The products mentioned and/or shown in the above video include:

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