How To: Replace a shower head holder

Need to replace your shower head holder? Here we demonstrate and explain how to fit a new holder with ease. Make sure you have a screwdriver handy!

How To

Shower head holders are an understated accessory in showering: unless you've got a fixed overhead shower, you'll almost certainly require a shower head holder.

But with so much use and adjustment (especially from different members in the family), they can sometimes break, or become discoloured.

Exactly how easy is it to replace one?

Our video below explains the process for replacing a shower head holder. (Please note that, in the video, we use the terms "handset holder" and "clamp bracket", but these refer to the same type of item, and the terminology can be used interchangeably.)

As per our video, the general guidelines are:

  1. Before starting and using any screwdrivers, cover the bath or shower tray (including the plug hole). This will stop any accidental loss of screws, and will help to minimise any damage to the bath or tray should a screwdriver or component be dropped.
  2. Most slide bars are held on by top and bottom brackets. These brackets have concealing caps that cover the fixing screws – unclip the top cap.
  3. Unscrew the top bracket to release the slide bar (it will remain in position if the bottom bracket is still left in situ).
  4. Slide the current shower head holder up and off the rail.
  5. Replace with the new shower head holder, ensuring that the orientation is the correct way up. Also check that the new holder moves sufficiently up/down as desired.
  6. Replace the top bracket, securing it with the screw from Step 3.
  7. Replace the cap back on the top bracket, which should clip into place again.

We also provide instructions on how to fit a universal shower head holder, which is extremely easy to set up and use. Universal holders are suitable for almost all riser rail types too, meaning that they're a great stress-free option if you're having trouble finding an exact replacement.

The shower head holder showcased in our video above is the Mira Response 22mm shower head holder - white/grey (411.23).

A full compliment of shower head holders can be found on our main site, with large stock supplies and same day despatch available.

Visit our YouTube channel here for more guides and tutorials.

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